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Mobile Home Appraisal Services

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Are your certified real estate appraisal reports accepted?
Yes, we are recognized by: County Appraisal Districts, Tax Assessor-Collectors, Insurance Companies, Lending Institutions, Courts, and Government Agencies nationwide. Our certified appraisals are USPAP compliant and adhere to HoustonProperty Appraisers strict code of ethics and conduct cardinal rules. We are regulated to comply with all Federal, State, Local, and Civil laws and statutes as applicable.

I am having a difficult time performing a Real Property Record Search in Harris County and don’t know where to start, can you help?
You have various online options that can assist you in your search. You may need the account number, property address, or owner name as aid in your available search method. The following link will re-direct you to a good starting point. If you are still not able to locate the property, please give us a call.


I noticed that your corporate office is located in Harris County and most of the information pertains to Harris County, what other appraisal districts do you cover?
HoustonProperty Appraisers has over 85 Licensed Real Estate Appraisers and Licensed Insurance Adjusters located in the State of Texas alone. We are a nationwide company with appraisers located in most major cities throughout the United States. Our appraisers will find your property.

I am an insurance carrier needing to hire HoustonProperty Appraisers to handle our Texas Homeowners Insurance Policy Claims. What services do you provide and how fast can you go?
HoustonProperty Appraisers will cover all perils insured against. Our highly trained and certified appraisers can handle a high volume of insurance claims and disputes in multiple locations simultaneously. We have the fastest turnaround times in our industry and help numerous insurance claims departments gather all pertinent information required to either settle or deny each claim. Same day or rush orders will be billed at the premium rate.

The insurance company declared my property a total loss and I think my property is worth thousands more than the insurance company is offering. What can I do?
First, read your policy or speak with your insurance agent directly to see if your policy provides for you the ability to obtain your own independent property appraisal. If so, contact HoustonProperty Appraisers immediately, we’ll be more than happy to review your case with you in detail.

I have invested millions of dollars in the contents of my home including Versace Designer Tiles, Armani Design, Baccarat Chandeliers, High-End Appliances & Electronics, Luxury Window Treatments, Crystals, Fine Persian Rugs, Guns, Oil Paintings, Mahogany Furniture, Vintage Wines, Cigars, and Priceless Big Game Hunt mounts. I am afraid that if something was to happen to my earthly kingdom either by fire, flood, windstorm or catastrophic peril, my insurance carrier might not compensate me for them. I’m nervous, can you help?
Yes, HoustonProperty Appraisers provides Certified Contents Inspections and Verification services for that exact same reason. You may very well be currently UNDERINSURED. We will document all of your household contents, costs, items of interest and record all pertinent information so that we can provide this information to your insurance provider. Don’t be a victim twice or learn the hard way because you “thought” it would be covered. An educated home owner is a well-informed home owner.

My vehicle has been deemed a total loss by the insurance company due to a flash flood and I am not happy with their ACV appraised amount. I was informed that I needed to hire an IACP Certified Auto Appraiser to assist me with this claim. Is your company IACP Certified as well?
Yes, HoustonProperty Appraisers prides itself on being the industries leader in holding the most certifications and credentials in the real estate appraisal and insurance field. HoustonProperty Appraisers is a division of Houston Auto Appraisers. Should you have an automobile related question or in need of an IACP Certified Auto Appraisal, please visit their website at www.HoustonAutoAppraisers.com or www.BOCAA.org for more details on all auto related concerns.